Web Design

I develop with PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS , jQUERY and JavaScript and have about 4 years of Illustrator/Photoshop and design experience! Check my portfolio - click here.

- Custom Web Design / Applications
- JS or PHP Web Programing
- Web Banner ad design ˙(Flash and GIF)
- Database Programming, SEO
- Web Hosting / Domain Registration
- Website promotion / ad placement
Logo Design and Branding

Professional Logo Design with Unlimited Concepts & Revisions!

- One of the most important first steps in developing an identity for your company is crafting a logo. Logo design process is simple and highly    creative. I care about every detail and carefully listen to everything you have to say.
- Branding Your Business: Creating a brand is really about creating a message that you will share with your customers. I'll work with you to define    your message and from there we’ll create your identity website, logo, and print.
- Scalable Vectors: I use vector graphics for all of our logo designs. Scalable vectors are used to put your logo on a business card, the side of a    building, and on a website without losing sharpness or shape.
Print Design

Brochure designs, print advertisement graphics, business card designs, and product print design are some of the things I create.
- Promoting Your Business: Have professional business cards on hand.
- Brochures: From flyers to local business print material I can help your business grow.
- Business Card Design: I design unique and creative business cards. I extend your corporate colour palette to your business cards to complete your    brand identity.
- Outdoor Advertising: My print graphics easily scale to handle large print advertising campaigns and street level billboards.

- I create a great looking graphic image. I have years of experience in Illustrator and Photoshop and can help you create a simple and effective    identity header image.
- Scalable Across Web and Print: My illustrations are made using vectors so our logo and print designs scale to any size without compromising quality.    You will own all the rights to the original illustration file.
- Crisp Graphics for Web: Though experience I have created an effective process to save your images to the web so that they are true to your colours,    sharp and crisp around the edges, and very fast loading.
- Custom Icon Design for the Web: I will send you up to 7 rough drafts as jogs for review and comment before we finalize the logo.
Search Engine Optimisation

- SEO is a highly diverse and complex process that starts with good, descriptive content. I use keyword analysis, valid CSS and XHTML, then move to    link building and Google Adwords Campaigns.
- Google Rank: Your site will quickly get ranked.
- Internet Marketing and Advertising: Ask me how we can help you reach a wide range of potential customers and gain rank with Google.
- Adword Keyword Campaign: I’ll help you set up a keyword campaign to help your ranking with Google.
- Keyword Optimization: Keyword optimized content is important. I’ll help you write content that is clear and search-engine-spider friendly.

About This Website

This website was designed and developed by Enid Colic using HTML, CSS, PHP, jQUERY and JavaScript, handcoded in Adobe Dreamweaver.